Sep 12, 2023

Personal Macs can be Safer than Corporate PCs

Frank Lyonnet

Traditional UEM/MDM solutions have been the cornerstone of enterprise security for years, but they're now becoming outdated and impractical. With the rise of personal device usage, remote work, and multi-employer scenarios, traditional UEM/MDM solutions can't provide the required balance of security and privacy.

1 - Key employees are frustrated with the inflexibility of corporate environments.
2 - Corporate-owned endpoints are costly and impractical for today's workforce.
3 - Existing UEM/MDM solutions cannot fully respect user privacy or manage devices used for multiple employers.

CISOs face a growing number of endpoints outside the security perimeter. Relying solely on existing UEM/MDM solutions results in a compromise between security and privacy.

Introducing EDAMAME Technologies! Our groundbreaking innovation fuses security and privacy like never before, eliminating the need for outdated UEM solutions. Edamame's approach is beyond ordinary, ensuring your organization's security while perfectly preserving user privacy.

We are onboarding our first beta customers, please reach out!

Frank Lyonnet

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