Trust and Privacy for the Augmented Human

Trust and Privacy for the Augmented Human

EDAMAME uniquely fosters trust for personal, unmanaged devices accessing corporate resources, while ensuring privacy. The modern human is an augmented entity, seamlessly integrated with laptops, tablets, phones, watches, and sensors, each a potential vector for security vulnerabilities or information tampering. We're reshaping trust in the digital age with a cutting-edge platform that leverages Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (akin to Homomorphic Encryption) and Decentralization for modern era trust verification.

Meet our team

We're a passionate gathering of innovators, driven by our shared ambition to create a notable impact around the globe.

Frank Lyonnet

Founder and Apps Leader

Market Driven Innovator. PhD. Ethical Hacking. Addicted to coding.

Quentin Vedrenne

Founding Engineer and SaaS Leader

Serial Entrepreneur, from React to Rust. AWS Grand Master.

Maxime Kuhn

Tinkerer in Chief

From Decentralization to Homomorphic Encryption, impossible is not Maxime.

Kenny To

Lead Researcher

Serial Key Engineer. Entrepreneur Independently Researching

Frederic Griffoul

System Magician

Experienced Sofware Engineer/Architect. Somewhere in the Singularity.

Amol Kabe

Zero Trust GTM Advisor

Chief Product Officer @ StrongDM | Product Management ex-{Google, Netskope, Riverbed}

Raj Mallempati

UEM GTM Advisor

CEO | Entrepreneur | Security & Identity | Official Member, Forbes Business Council

Efi Gatmor

Versatile Advisor

VP of Engineering at BedRock Systems - ex Riverbed, Akamai, Expand

Dave Wu

Engineering Advisor

Chief Dev. Officer (CTO/VP Engineering) Netskope

Mark Day

Science Advisor

Serial Chief Scientist, teacher @MIT

Our core values

We champion providing value to our customers and partners, by nurturing a space of innovation, excellence, mutual respect, and understanding.


Foster a culture of pioneering ideas and groundbreaking research. Embrace unconventional thinking and utilize cutting-edge engineering solutions to drive progress and innovation.


Cultivate an environment where open dialogue and teamwork are the keystones to achieving collective objectives and success. Encourage a spirit of unity and shared purpose among all team members.

Continuous learning

Commit to the ongoing professional and personal development of our team. Create a nurturing environment that stimulates curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge, ensuring continuous growth and skill enhancement.

Fun and enjoyment

Prioritize creating a work atmosphere that is not only productive but also joyous and inspiring. Encourage creativity and a positive mindset by integrating elements of fun and leisure in the workplace.

Open communication

Advocate for transparent and clear communication at every level of our organization. Foster a climate of honesty and openness, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

Social impact

Dedicate ourselves to making a meaningful difference in society. Actively engage in initiatives that address social issues, demonstrating our commitment to being a force for positive change in the community and beyond.